Guaranteed ingredients
Organic Material % 5
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K₂O) % 25
Maximum Humidity % 20
pH Range % 6 - 8

Tescil Belgeleri


Soil application

Potassio is a plant based organic fertilizer which made by special techniques to isolate potassium from plants. Potassium is an essential nutrition element for plants and it is necessary in every stage of plant development. Potassio can easily and quickly absorbed by plants and it doesn’t disappear by watering.Because of these reasons Potassio is a very cheap and effective organic fertilizer solution.

Potassio will move to the necessary areas in approximately 20 days depending on soil structure, climatic conditions and proximity to the root area. Potassio can be used in every stage of vegetative development priorly 10-20 days to the harvest.

Because of its powdered form you can use potassio by scattering directly on the soil or you can mix it with other fertilizers. It can also be used with drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Use 7kg for 100 litre water. Start dissolving it 1 hour before watering because it dissolves slowly.

Use Potassio between 25kg or 50kg for 1 decare. But you can increase the dosage by 2 or 4 times if you have plants that consumes high amounts of potassium like banana.

If your soil has very little potassium or your plants don’t receive much potassium, you can increase the amount of Potassio you use.