About Us

Our Company

Established in 2009, Agrio Tarim is becoming the industry leader and innovator in Turkey. Agrio Tarim is a pioneer in the production and marketing of Organic and Organo-mineral fertilizers.

Agrio Tarim continues on its path with high quality products, 100% customer satisfaction, honest and reliable business understanding, high technology and professional team.

Located in Antalya Organize Sanayi, Agrio Tarim is developing high quality Organic and Organo-mineral Fertilizers using natural resources and modern, high technology equipments. Our goal is taking agriculture industry one step ahead in Turkey.

Our Goals

Our aim is to deliver top quality products to our farmers with extreme care and responsibility. We are working to make Turkey a world leader in agriculture and agriculture related businesses. We are constantly trying to innovate and improve our products so our farmers can get the best vegetables and fruits without worrying.

We proved ourselves in just 4 years. Right now Agrio is one of the major fertilizer producers in Turkey. We constantly research new tecnologies and develop new products with our superb teamwork and young, successful engineers.

Our products are environmentally friendly, 100% organic and don’t have any toxic materials. Our biggest misson is leaving a habitable, green world to our young generation. We are not only a business company, but also a responsible, environmentally conscious company which respects nature more than anything.